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My paternal ancestors came from Devonsire, England.  Our name refers to the family that lived past the moor. Past the moor was first, then Pas’ the moor became Pas’ moor, which evolved into Passmore.  My grandmother was from the Scottish lowlands, in an area known as Linlithgow (West Lothian).  I also have ancestry on the maternal side from Yorkshire, England, and somewhere in the Alps, most likely Germany.

My family has had a long connection with many historic events. On my paternal side, we have the Muir witches: Alanis, Jonet and Viola, all executed during the Scottish witch trials in the 1600s.  My maternal ancestors were involved with the final hours of Rasputin. The family lived in Whitechapel during the time of Jack the Ripper, and their tool shop was just down the lane from Tyburn Tree, the most famous gallows in London.

woodcut of the devil and demons having drinks with human friends
Tyburn Tree woodcut image showing people being hanged
Bobbies finding a victim of Jack The Ripper
Rasputin staring at the photographer

Scottish Witch Trials (clockwise from top left), Tyburn Tree, Rasputin, Jack the Ripper victim.

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Past The Moor


The possible history of the family called Passmore

Long ago in England fair
In a distant corner of Devonshire
There lived a family of kith and kin
Of their might and magic
Great tales did spin.

Moonlight Sabbats, ceremonies dark,
And fetes of every kind
Where blazing fires and steaming pots
And spells they did abind.

By dark of night and cloudy day
Their works they did attend.
Come Solstice time and Samhain eve’
Their potions they did blend.

Travellers sought them for their craft
As did people who were pure
They gained their lifelong family name
As the family past the moor.

Irwin Wythe

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