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Dick Passmore

My gift became apparent during a time of compromised mental wellness.  I had sought out help from a friend, and she offered me Reiki.  I didn’t know what it was, but I said I was willing to try anything.  I didn’t know if it was something that you drink, or something that you rubbed on your skin like an ointment.  I was surprised to hear that it was energy manipulation that was done without physical contact, but I was in dire straights.  The session went well, and it helped me to relax and feel a bit better.  The strangest part was when I felt her touching my ears and forehead… only to open my eyes and see her at my feet!  She explained that it was a helper, a spirit that saw the need to assist and came forward.

From that moment on, I had a desire to learn more about this thing called Reiki, so I began to work with a master.  During my first level attunement, I was told that I was working at a level well beyond the traditional standard.  I started volunteering at a hospice to provide Reiki to participants in their day program, and began receiving messages for the clients.  It scared me at first to be receiving information that I didn’t understand, but that made perfect sense to the person that I shared it with.  These events began occurring regularly, and it usually involved a loved one that had passed and was reaching out through me to the person who was at the end days of their life.  I also gained the ability to walk with a person along their soul path, and helped to take away the fears of people not finding their way to the other side safely.

After my time at hospice, I took a break from spirit communication.  One day I received an email from a friend that wanted me to assist a client of theirs.  The woman wanted to speak to her daughter who had passed.  I was unsure of how to do this, as I had always been the recipient of the information, not the person asking the questions. Through gut instinct I managed to make it work, and learned how to connect with the other side whenever I needed to.  My education didn’t come from a class, from the internet, or any other physical means. I was taught by spirit and intuition, and continue to learn this way.

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